The Alaeddin Trio Recording EP

Album due for release September 2017. 


The Alaeddin Trio, comprised of Vocalist/Bassist Emad Alaeddin, Vocalist/Guitarist Louie Martinez Jr, and Vocalist/Drummer Joe Turner, have begun recording a much-anticipated debut EP.

The five songs consist of new material, songs previously unrecorded, and a cover made famous by Gene Wilder called "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The album is set for release at the same time The Alaeddin Trio travels to Offenbach, Germany for their first festival as a band. The festival is the third annual Rockwood Music Festival and takes place September 29th- October 1.

What sets the band apart from Alaeddin's solo work and previous bands is that the two other members have taken an equal role in the vocals. 

The uniqueness of their vocal tones both individually and as a trio is bound to make this album stand out from Alaeddin's previous work.

Alaeddin will be engineering, producing, and mixing the EP out of his home studio. It will be released under his record label Granted Records.

Behind the Scenes clips, prerelease listening parties will be available for patrons subscribed to Alaeddin's Patreon page.