New guitarist/vocalist added!

As you know, a main feature of my music are the three part harmonies that take up at least 75% of the duration of my songs. Although I use a harmonizer live, nothing beats the sound of three live singers. But to find a singer with the range that's required on both the low and high end is not very easy; so I set my focus on finding a guitarist.

I'd been performing guitar duties with my drummer Joe Turner but the fact that there was no bass left a lot of emptiness. I'd asked a few friends in my circle to check interest but everyone was already heavily involved in their projects. 

In December 2016, I received a notification on my Instagram that someone had liked one of my pics of my Boston Terrier named Birdie.

Upon further inspection, I found that the dude turned out to be an amazing guitarist. He was playing accompaniment guitar for a female vocalist and rocked that guitar effortlessly.  It also showed that he was performing that very night down the street from me so I figured why not go and check him out??

What I heard was not only a fantastic guitar player (which I already knew) but a vocalist with a range and tone that was exactly what I'd been looking for. 

For the first time in my career, I'm in a band with two other exceptional vocalists to compliment their superb instrumental skills.

We've had two rehearsals already with Joe on drums, Louie on guitar, and myself on bass and have nailed down "Forever" and "All My Lovin" solid.

We will be performing live for the first time this Wednesday night at the Starbucks in Orange, click here to RSVP