Self-Produced "Love, Loss, & the In-Between" released

After 10 months of writing, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering his third full-length album, Emad Alaeddin has released "Love, Loss, & the In-Between". A successful crowdfunding campaign made it possible for this album to be produced. 

The opening track "Lucky Day" sets the lyrical tone of the album that stresses the importance of friendships. The standout tracks "All My Lovin", "Forever", and "Perfection" explores many depths in terms of vocal tones, guitar riffs, and dynamic flows between the drums and the bass. 

Drummer Joe Turner has certainly brought the final piece to this 14-song album by showing his versatility and power. 

Emad stays true to his heritage by showcasing a song in Arabic; it's called "Ma Tihtammi" which translates directly to "pay no mind". This relates to his plea to block out the external forces that may interfere with one's happiness and freedom of self-expression. 

To add to the experience, Emad has released lyric videos for all of the tracks on his YouTube page and can be watched in succession via the "Love, Loss, & the In-Between" playlist by clicking here

The new album is available on all major retail stores online and on his website