The Top 5 Favorite Songs from the Supernatural TV Series

The Top 5 Favorite Songs from the Supernatural TV Series

According to a recent poll of Supernatural fans, the top 5 favorite songs are not a surprise to followers of the show. The pop-culture TV series and its relationship with its fan-base is a cultural phenomenon, so we will perform a cover of the song that tops the list.

The Alaeddin Trio Recording EP

Album due for release September 2017. 


The Alaeddin Trio, comprised of Vocalist/Bassist Emad Alaeddin, Vocalist/Guitarist Louie Martinez Jr, and Vocalist/Drummer Joe Turner, have begun recording a much-anticipated debut EP.

The five songs consist of new material, songs previously unrecorded, and a cover made famous by Gene Wilder called "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The album is set for release at the same time The Alaeddin Trio travels to Offenbach, Germany for their first festival as a band. The festival is the third annual Rockwood Music Festival and takes place September 29th- October 1.

What sets the band apart from Alaeddin's solo work and previous bands is that the two other members have taken an equal role in the vocals. 

The uniqueness of their vocal tones both individually and as a trio is bound to make this album stand out from Alaeddin's previous work.

Alaeddin will be engineering, producing, and mixing the EP out of his home studio. It will be released under his record label Granted Records.

Behind the Scenes clips, prerelease listening parties will be available for patrons subscribed to Alaeddin's Patreon page.

$5 Patreon Acoustic Package Announced

Photo by Jon Haverstick

Photo by Jon Haverstick

Since the launch of his Patreon site in October 2016, Emad has released a newly imagined, full-band version of a track from one of his previous albums for $10 a month.

With consistent monthly releases, Emad now has 6 tracks with multiple versions in the Patreon library. 

Emad has just announced a new $5 package that rewards the patron with a monthly release of an acoustic version of the songs to be released that month.

In addition to the upcoming tracks, Emad has already recorded acoustic versions of the previously recorded Patreon tracks. 

Visit to get more info on how to sign up

Emad Alaeddin on Artist Signal for Mega Acoustic Album

Emad Alaeddin has written and produced three solo albums and 2 albums from other projects.

With a bold promise of a release date of March 7 for a 45-song album, a #1 spot on ArtistSignal would make it possible! 

ArtistSignal is a free social music platform allowing listeners to vote for a Top Artist each month. We give the Top Artist at the end of the month $1,000. This allows listeners to propel talented artists to the top of our platform and gives artists an entirely new avenue to grow their fan base.

Another $5,000 is split between all remaining artists based on the amount of votes they receive during the month (excluding the #1 artist). Voters can earn rewards directly from artists just by voting!

Vote for Emad Alaeddin here

Self-Produced "Love, Loss, & the In-Between" released

After 10 months of writing, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering his third full-length album, Emad Alaeddin has released "Love, Loss, & the In-Between". A successful crowdfunding campaign made it possible for this album to be produced. 

The opening track "Lucky Day" sets the lyrical tone of the album that stresses the importance of friendships. The standout tracks "All My Lovin", "Forever", and "Perfection" explores many depths in terms of vocal tones, guitar riffs, and dynamic flows between the drums and the bass. 

Drummer Joe Turner has certainly brought the final piece to this 14-song album by showing his versatility and power. 

Emad stays true to his heritage by showcasing a song in Arabic; it's called "Ma Tihtammi" which translates directly to "pay no mind". This relates to his plea to block out the external forces that may interfere with one's happiness and freedom of self-expression. 

To add to the experience, Emad has released lyric videos for all of the tracks on his YouTube page and can be watched in succession via the "Love, Loss, & the In-Between" playlist by clicking here

The new album is available on all major retail stores online and on his website

Hayden Lee added to Cambridge show!

Hayden Lee is an American recording artist with an insane range and an amazing songwriting ability! I'm very delighted to have him aboard for the show in Cambridge on October 3rd at the Blue Moon! Check out his music here you won't be disappointed!


And if you haven't purchased a ticket yet to the big show make sure and grab them here

We are both in for a treat! 

Emad Alaeddin Patreon Page Launched

Due to popular demand, Emad has launched a Patreon page that will release material from his enormous catalog in different versions. Ever wanted to hear an acoustic version of "All My Lovin"? Or how about an a capella version of "Sunshine"? Or what about a completely rerecorded version of "Arabic Girl"? For as low as $10 a month fans will be able to download a new version of their most favorite songs every month. Check out the page by click here or the image below